Final Report

CHAPTER 2-Pedagogical Contents

1.      Teaching Methods

In Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Demonstration School, my cooperating teacher was Miss Miss Thidarat Pratabken or Khru Cream (khru means teacher). She teach mathematic at 3/1 and 3/2 class. Based on my observation, the teaching method that she used TCL (Teacher    Center    Learning) and SCL (Students Center Learning). But the most teachers use TCL system. In my opinion, mathematics learning in 3/1 and 3/2  class at CMRU Demonstration School is less innovative because it uses the TCL method, so students are less involved in learning.

2.      Learning Materials and Innovation

Based on my observation, authentic assesment for the students in CMRU Demonstration School, sometimes the teacher only use a text booksfor teaching, sometimes they use video, and worksheet.

For the innovation in CMRU Demonstration School, they use many real media,  so student understand many topic easily.

Khru Cream use watch for explain about time

3.      Sources of Learning and Technology

The sources of learning in CMRU Demonstration School are the teachers, textbook, internet, human,social life, and nature.

The technology of teaching that the teachers use are powerpoint, audio, and video.

4.      Authentic Assessment

Based on my observation, authentic assesment of the teaching process in for the students in Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Demonstration School, there is :

1)  Mid-Term Exam

2)  Final Exam.

Everyday, the teacher provides individual exercise assignments and homework for students as student’s daily score. Each student has a homework book, after finishing learning, students write down the homework that was given today and then signed by the teacher. The next day, students collect homework that has been given and homework books that their parents have signed.

homework book

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