Final Report

CHAPTER 4-Teaching Practice

1.     Procedures of Teaching

  1. Prepare the Lesson Plan

First step, i make lesson plan and send it to my cooperating teacher, Khru Cream and my mentor, Miss Kamophorn Thongthiya for get some correction and suggestion.

Khru Cream ask me to teach about multiplication, with subtopic :

  1. One digit and two digits multiplication.
  2. One digit and three digits multiplication.
  3. One digit and four digits multiplication.
  4. Two digits and two digits multiplication.
  5. Comparation of multiplication result.
  6. Problem solving of multiplication.

Download my lesson plan:

2. Make the Learning Media

I used multiplication card, powerpoint presentation, and group worksheet to teach 3/1 and 3/2 class.

3.Teaching Practice

I teach two classes, 3/1 and 3/2, with a total of 14 hours of study in the third week and fourth week. Learning steps:

  1. Opening Activity: greeting, check attendance of the students, aperception, and motivation.
  2. Core Activity: groups discussion, give worksheet, help the groups, and presentation.
  3. Closing Activity : evaluation and reflection of what they have learned today.

4. Evaluation

  • Overall evaluation for my teaching practice from Khru Cream:

“Learning activities in accordance with the indicators objectives. Teaching activities are interesting. There are organized together as a groups, make the students interested, active, and enthuastic. And there are prize to motivate the students. The media that used should be improved ae some of media is too small”

  • Evaluation for my final teaching practice from my mentor:

“Teacher should show example of multiplication befor the practice. Teacher should specify more details in the lesson plan. Practical activities for the stuents to practuce multiplication. There is technology glitch. Great classroom management and the students show their participation in every activity”

2.     Time Management and Organizing Activities

In teaching pratice i should do time management, because learning in elementary school is only 40 minutes / learning.

  1. 5 minutes to Opening (greeting, check attendance of the students, aperception, and motivation)
  2. 30 minutes to Core Activity (groups discussion, give worksheet, help the groups, and presentation)
  3. 5 minutes to Closing (evaluation and reflection)

3.     Problem-Solving

Probelms that i found when i was teach is language, because    there    are    many    student    can’t    speak    English well. So i should learn and try to speak in Thai and make sure students understand what i teach to them.

4.     Classroom Management

When I teach, I do class management with pay attention to students by saying “please, pay attention” or by “dek-dek, niap” (means student, silent please) and when conducting discussions I limit the time students have to discuss and remind students if time is over soon. To motivate students, I give a star sticker as an additional score so students are interactive and enthusiastic when learning.

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