Final Report

CHAPTER 5-Summary and Suggestions

a.     Purposes of Practicum

The purpose of SEA Teacher Project is to :

  1. Prepare student teachers in the future with good teaching skills (pedagogic).
  2. Train student teachers to become professional teachers.
  3. Improve the English language skills of student teachers.
  4. Improve the critical thinking and problem solving skill of student teachers.
  5. Provide opportunities for student teachers to open opportunities for learning and teaching in other countries.

b.     Procedures of Practicum

The procedure of this practicum is:

1)  Training in UNS (Sebelas Maret University)

  1. Preparation
  2. Microteaching

2)  Follow the procedure from SEAMEO

  1. Interview
  2. Blog Training

3)   Follow the schedule from CMRU and CMRU Demonstration School

  1. Orientation Day in CMRU
  2. Teaching Assistance
  3. Teaching Practice
  4. Presentation in CMRU

c.      Outcomes of Practicum

From this practicum, i can develope my teaching skills, this program improve my English skill, increase my confidence, I learn about new language and another culture, and this program prepare me to be profesional international teacher in the future.

d.    The Challenges of Practicum

The challenge of this practicum is  language d ifferences, because    there    are    many    student    can’t    speak    English well. So i should learn and try to speak in Thai and make sure students understand what i teach to them.

e.      Overall Impression

I am very grateful to be able to join SEA-Teacher Program, this program provides a valuable experience that is unforgettable in my life. SEA-Teacher Program as an effort to improve my competence as a professional and broad-minded elementary school teacher candidate in the global era, so that I can advance education in Indonesia, especially elementary school education.

f.       Suggestions for Future Improvement.

Suggestions for for the next batch :

The challenge in this program are differences in language and English abilities of students who are different. Therefore, my suggestion for the next generation is the need for language modules in various languages so student teachers who take part in this program can facilitate communication during the learning process.

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