First Week, My Experience

Day 6th-Observation on Teacher

Wednesday, 7th August 2019

me and Amanda

This morning I prepare my self, breakfast, then walk to school with Amanda.

The students welcomed me cheerfully “Teacher Anas”, even someone hugged me!

They are very cute!

When Khru Cream arrived in class, Khru Cream corrected the students’ homework answers.

As usual, at 08.00 they went down to the field to flag the flag and then at 08:40 they are ready for learning.

Today, Khru Cream teaches about time. Like the previous day, Khru cream used the Teacher Center Learning (TCL) approach. Today’s material is about the types of clocks, differentiate the time of day (am) and the time of the night (pm) and how to read the clock. Khru Cream uses the clock to teach students reading time. The realistic learning media is very good for teach elementary school students because the thinking stage is still in the concrete stage. Students are very enthusiastic about learning. In addition students are also actively answering questions from the teacher.

During the day, I, Amanda, and other student teachers (Jajah, Preaw, Gift, Bang, and May) help decorate the stage for mother’s day tomorrow. They are very friendly to us. Then we also made posters for the dengue counseling carnival which will be held tomorrow.

During STEM education hour, they cut and color the mother’s day greeting cards to give to their mothers tomorrow.

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