Last Week, My Experience

Teaching Practice

Final Demonstration!

Tuesday, 27th 2019

I feel a little bit nervous but I am ready for today!

Today is final teaching practice, my supervisor Mrs. Kamophorn Thongthiya  will come to assess me. Today i will teach about about problem solving of multiplication . My opening activity is greeting, check attendance of the students, aperception to remind the students again about solving of multiplication table that has been studied , and motivation for students.

Learning objectives

  1. Students will be able to analyze multiplication problems. (Knowledge)
  2. Students will be able to  tells how to find the answers of multiplication problems with the reasonableness of the answers. (Practice)
  3. Students will be able to collaborate with their groups on group discussion about multiplication problems. (Attitude)

I use PowerPoint presentation to teach them and I devide them on eight groups then they do group disscusion to solve the problem. After that they presentate their discussion. And closing activity i give them excercise questions on their book, give them homework and reflection of what they have learned today.

  • Overall evaluation for my teaching practice from Khru Cream:

“Learning activities in accordance with the indicators objectives. Teaching activities are interesting. There are organized together as a groups, make the students interested, active, and enthuastic. And there are prize to motivate the students. ”

  • Evaluation for my final teaching practice from Mrs. Kamophorn Thongthiya :

“Teacher should show example of multiplication befor the practice. Teacher should specify more details in the lesson plan. Practical activities for the stuents to practuce multiplication. There is technology glitch. Great classroom management and the students show their participation in every activity”

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