Last Week, My Experience

Come back to Indonesia

Saturday, 31st August 2019

The last day in Chiang Mai, I fell very sad to leaving this city. Nuzul and I get up early and prepared our things. At 06.30 the CMRU driver come to pick us up in a van bus. I, Nuzul, Bagas and Yunita were the first group to head to the airport. I, Nuzul and Bagas were on the same flight to Jakarta, Indonesia. We arrived at 07.40 to Don Muang (DMK) International Airport, transited about an hour and then continued our trip to Soekarno Hatta (CGK) International Airport. Nuzul and I talked about our memories in Chiang Mai during our trip to Jakarta.

One month is a short time for a farewell, farewell to all things about Chiang Mai and all of its memories. I hope someday I can come back here.
Bye Thailand!

We arrive in Jakarta at 15:00, Nuzul and I have lunch at KFC then at 16:30 we are ‘say good bye’ at the airport. I walk to the sky train to terminal 2 of the airport. Then after waiting for about one and a half hours I flew to Adi Soemarno (SOC) Airport. My best friend pick me at the airport, then go home to meet my family. They welcome me gratefully because I return safely and well. My mother also cooks my favorite food, I really miss Indonesian food especially my mother’s cooking haha.
See you again!

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