My Experience, Second Week

Day 9th,1oth,11st-Long Weekend

Monday, 12th August 2019

All of my Indonesian friend and me have a appoiment with Miss Ina (teacher from Indonesia) to go to Warorot Market at 08.00 am. We go there by Grab Car.

Warorot Market (or Kad Luang) is a must-visit for food lovers as it offers a wide range of ready-to-eat meals, local snacks and all kinds of fresh produce. A large section of the market features inexpensive goods, such as clothing, fashion accessories and personal care products.

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We walk around to buy some souvenir or food that our want to buy.

After walk around for an hour, we are hungry then I order sticky rice with crispy pork and Thai tea, and Nuzul order soda and Roti. Roti is like Indonesia food name Martabak Telur, but Roti have many variant of taste.

After we are satisfied, we return home together with Grab Car, then rest and prepare for tomorrow.

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