My Experience, Second Week

Day 12th-Outing Class

Monday, 13th August 2019

This week is teaching assistant week, I’m ready for today!
Today, grade 6 students are ‘outing class’ to the temple named Wat Si Don Chai Pa Tung Ngam (Wat Mae Kaet Noi) in the context of learning social and religious sciences. Amanda and I are allowed to take part in this activity. After arriving at school I corrected the students home work for 3/1 class and 3/2 class , then at 09.00 Khru Prim contacted me and Amanda because they would go to the temple soon.

The temple from CMRU Demonstration School is around 30 minutes by school bus.

After that we gathered at the temple, students were taught about how to pray, knowledge about Buddhism, devotion to parents, being kind to others, and about heaven and hell. Students are very afraid when monks give knowledge by watching videos about heaven and hell.

11:40 a.m. after they pray, it’s time to have lunch with the teacher and the monks.
After that, they were asked to line up to form three groups, or the groups were given trash bag to collect rubbish if they saw plastic rubbish around the temple. Amanda and I were asked by Khru Prim to accompany a group.

The temple is full of statues depicting what awaits in Naraka (hell), for those who fail to lead a righteous life. There’s also a Nirvana ( heaven) section, depicting the those who’ve reached enlightenment.

(Content on this blog contains violence and vulgarity)

The first thing we visited was the area of hell, in this hellish garden it was terrible displaying the torments that were obtained if you do evil while living in the world. Monks guide our journey around this temple, monks explaining in detail about them and heaven to students. When visiting this temple, you should prepare 10 bhat money to put into coin slots to the statues to get them to light up, move, and make sounds of suffering. When the simulation tools are turned on and the torments in their movements move and sound, students are scared , one of them said to me “We will have nightmares tonight”.

The second part is the heaven garden, this place tells the journey of Buddhist life and heavenly life. Students were finally relieved to see this part of heaven.

Watch the video “Trip to Wat Si Don Chai Patung Ngam (Wat Mae Kaet Noi)”

Around 15:30 we returned to school. It’s an interesting day trip!

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