My Experience, Second Week

Teaching Assistent Week

14th-16th August 2019

Usually when I arrived at school at 7:15, I corrected the homework answers of students in grades 3/1 and 3/2 that had been done yesterday.
This week, Khru Cream teaches about units of time such as one minute, one hour, one day, one month and one year, and problem solving about time. Khru Cream uses a calendar as a learning media.
When students have trouble working on practice questions, I help Khru Cream explain the difficult part for them. The students did not hesitate to ask me to explain again the part that they did not understand. when I find it difficult to explain to students because their books are in Thai I try to translate them first into English. After learning finished, as usual I corrected the answer to today’s student exercise assesment questions.

As usual, in the end of learning, i sign students homework book.

This week, Khru Ning and Khru Chum (English teachers ask me), Amanda and Ananda were asked to interview and assess students who will go to Singapore next October. Amanda and I were also asked to guide students in group games consisting of several stations, Amanda and I got different stations . With group games, students are expected to be able to solve problems and practice communicating in English.

This week is also a science week, in this week there are various kinds of competitions about science such as creating products about science, using a simple rocket competition, using a simple aircraft competition, fighting robot cars, planting mini forests, drawing competitions, and fashion shows using recycle items. I was asked to help the teacher prepare for the contests

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